Competition of the day

Surprise – nothing has really caught my imagination today. Plenty of competitions but nothing out of the ordinary.

So instead have a nice picture of me enjoying the view on a walk last year (really needed to have a break!)

enjoying the view




This is Harvey, he is the boss even though he is beginning to feel his age. He keeps the other two in their place. He just loves attention and treats, though he is very fussy and will turn away rather than have a treat which is not a favourite – don’t worry as Torres is always there to help out!


Forever friendly

Forever friendly

This is Torres (yes named after the footballer but not by me!). He is a very friendly dog and he loves his food. He is forever under my feet when I am cooking or wiping down in the hope that some food will fall his way.

This is me!

I help my OH in his business of making hand planes but it doesn’t occupy me full time, so I spend a bit of time entering competitions. My favourite site being Loquax. My OH also has a blog but it is full of technical stuff and though I do the typing for him I don’t always understand it!

The dogsbody bit is because I do all the things he doesn’t want to do – make the tea, clean the machines, sweep the floor, clean the loos but most importantly find the things he has lost!

We have three Belgian Shepherd dogs which are a bit of a handful, but we love them dearly. We live in the Highlands of Scotland which is a beautiful place. It is a bit far from the rest of our family but we love it too much to move back south.

Now I just need to work out how to make this blog a bit more interesting. Watch out for photos of lovely scenery and dogs.


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